Moisturizer is definitely not the only solution for more supple skin.

As we age, we start to notice the years that have gone by through our skin. As skin ages, it starts to lose some of its resiliency, while drying and thinning out. Your skin regime that you used in your 20s and 30s won't give the same results today.

To help your skin look its best, here are 8 anti-aging secrets that can help you out:

  1. Make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun, as it is a prime contributor to fine lines and wrinkles. By using Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, as it adds protection to your skin. Make sure you are also trying to wear hats and sunglasses in the sun for an extra layer of protection.
  1. The shorter your shower/bath, the better for your skin. If you are showering for over 10 minutes, this will strip the moisture away from your skin - and we want as much moisture as possible in our skin.
  1. If the temperate of your shower is too hot, this will strip your natural oils. Keep the water temperature moderate, but not boiling hot.
  1. The moment you get out of the shower, you must remember to moisturize. If you have more sensitive skin, it is better to use a more creamy/thicker moisturizer. Ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and mineral oil are all great ingredients to keep your eye out for in your products, as they retain the moisture in the skin.
  1. When cleansing your face, make sure you are sticking to something gentle and keeping away from Alcohol - which can dry out your skin.
  1. Always try to turn on a Humidifier in cold weather, this is so that you can add moisture in the air of your home.
  1. If you continuously wear glove in the winter, this can help you out a lot, as it protects your skin against the harsh weather, and stops your hands from getting dried out too.
  1. Smoking reduces the blood flow and will increase your chances of having premature wrinkles.

And there you have it! If you do your best to follow these steps, it will definitely help you preserve your skin from ageing in the long run. Remember, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better the results will be.











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