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1. Exfoliate

  • After double cleansing, clear away excess dead skin cells with an exfoliant about 2-3 times a week. A scrub or leave-on exfoliant that contains Salicylic acid with definitely aid in the prevention of black heads.


2. Masque

  • Once or twice a week, apply a masque which is designed to clear and soften blackheads. Look for ingredients such as Kaolin Clay or Activated Charcoal - these can help draw out excess oils and impurities from the face. Sulfur will also help in removing dead skin cells.


3. Control Bacteria

  • Find yourself a good antibacterial booster or serum that you can apply daily. This will kill breakout-causing bacteria. Look for ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid and Thymol Terpineol.
  • Salicyclic Acid gets deep into the skin and dissolves skin debris that clogs pores.
  • Azelaic Acid decreases swelling and redness to the face by killing bacteria that infects the pores.
  • Thymol Terpineol eliminates acne-causing bacteria at its root.


4. Moisturize

  • Even if you have oily skin, make sure you apply a moisturizer every day. When the moisture in your skin imbalanced, your skin will produce excess oil to compensate for what you've been extracting. A moisturizer helps to control the oil production and to prevent excess oil from clogging your follicles.


5. Wear non-comedogenic products

  • Makeup, some sunscreens and hair products can easily clog pores, especially if they're left for too long or even overnight. Try to choose products that are labelled non-comedogenic to help your pores clear up, and always double cleanse your face before going to bed.


Here's a few extra tips to clearing existing blackheads:


  • First and fore-most, clearing your blackheads at home not only damages your skin, but can potentially cause your skin to spread the bacteria causing the blackheads. This can lead to more intense acne than you had to begin with.
  • If you want to quickly clear existing blackheads, see a professional skin therapist for blackhead extractions. You can always ask if they offer express treatments for your convenience, and it is more affordable than a full facial.
  • Lastly, make sure you drink a lot of water before extractions. Dehydration makes it much harder to extract blackheads!














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