1. According to studies, Petroleum Jelly , also known as a mineral oil, aids to cover the protective layer of the skin. It traps the moisture, which then helps dry patches to heal.

2. Coconut Oil has emollient properties that fill the spaces between skin cells and creating a smooth surface. This is why the saturated natural fatty acids that occur in Coconut Oil can smoothen and nourish the skin, while keeping it hydrated. You can use Coconut oil on a daily basis on the most sensitive and dry parts of your body. Not to worry, there is no need to mix Coconut oil with anything else as it is a gentle enough substance for everyday use.

3. An Oatmeal bath is a common remedy that was used back in the days, and is known as a “Grandmother’s secret”. Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help with soothing irritation and dry skin. After taking an Oatmeal bath, make sure you moisturize to lock the Oatmeal bath’s properties into the skin’s barrier. Making the Oatmeal bath is very simple, all you need to do is chop the Oatmeal up into a fine powder, using a food processor, and stir it into warm water the apply onto the body.

4. The part of the body which tends to experience the most direct contact with the environments is the hands. If you start to get into the habit of wearing gloves, especially while they are in water, you will definitely be doing your skin a favour, while stopping dry skin from forming. Wearing insulated gloves while you’re outside or when doing any household chores can also cut down on irritated and dry skin.

5. Dry skin means your skin cells are damaging faster than your body can repair, as there are elements being exposed to your skin. Some foods which are high in anti-oxidants can minimize the damage of dry skin and help your skin produce healthy skin cells. These foods include: Lentils, beans, carrots, tomatoes, peas, and blueberries. If you try to eat these foods as much as possible, they will aid in your skin appearing healthier.

6. Keeping a humidifier at home can help minimize the dryness of your skin. A regular at-home heating system, naturally strips your skin, while a humidifier set to 60% will offset that effect.

7. Sometimes, relieving dry skin is as simple as adjusting your shower temperature. If you’re taking too hot of a shower, this can greatly affect your skin and cause damage. Make sure you are taking warm, and short showers, and not hot. Also, make sure you are using a fragrance-free soap, that is gentle on the skin, which will help keep the skin moisturized.

8. If you have noticed a sudden occurrence of dry skin, it can be related to the clothes you’re wearing. Sitting near the fireplace, spending time in a chlorinated pool and even wearing wool – these factors can all irritate the skin and make it feel dry. Always make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin, and make sure you always treat it gently.

It is very important to preserve healthy skin, as it is the first defence mechanism against fighting off bacteria and/or viruses. Incorporating a good moisturizer to your skin, even when it’s not bothering you, is a good way to keep your skin hydrated and preserved.
Another good tip is to be using moisturizing sunscreen every day, to prevent from Sun damage. When your skin is exposed to large amounts of high temperature, this can cause skin irritations and dry skin.
Remember, if you’re constantly having skin irritations and extremely dry skin and these home remedies are not helping – you may want to take a trip to the doctor to get prescribed a treatment that will help with your symptoms.


Whether you are unsure about animal testing or won’t even look at a brand that isn’t cruelty free, money equals power. We as consumers are and should be responsible to read up on our favourite brands and only spend on those who are doing good. That being said, we are proud to say that Aionios skin care is cruelty-free.

Let us give you some insight on what cruelty-free really means:

Cruelty-free means that there is no animal testing involved in the production of products, from the ingredients that are used, all the way until the final product that ends up on the shelves.

Whether it’s for skincare or cosmetics, animal testing is not required by law. There are many ingredients that have been proven to be safe without the use of animal testing, not to mention there are many more testing alternatives that already exist, which can verify whether a product is safe.

The image of a bunny is often the most associated when we think of animal testing, though they are not the only animals being harmed. Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice are all used for testing as well. The tests being preformed consist of chemicals rubbed on their skin, in their eyes and even used to determine what the deadly dose of a particular ingredient could be.


It is estimated that up to 500,000 animals suffer and die just for the skincare/cosmetics industry every year around the world – that’s half a million! Those animals are tested on to produce makeup, skincare, hair care and bath products.

As consumer awareness is growing, brands are listening. By supporting brands and companies that are cruelty-free, you are making a difference in shaping the world we live in and making it a better place for the animals we share it with.

Here at VIP Skin Lounge, we truly believe that there is no need to include animal testing in the skincare products that we use. We believe that plant based and synthetic ingredients can do a far better job with no harm.


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